About this blog

DZ BANK Research has been publishing up-to-date commentaries on economic, political and capital market
developments since 2011. The blog, which was named after the former Chief Economist Stefan Bielmeier, was the first of its kind in Germany and has an impressive total of around 4,000 contributions.

With Stefan Bielmeier’s move to the Board of Management of DZ PRIVATBANK, his successors
Dr. Jan Holthusen as Head of the Research and Economics Division and Dr. Michael Holstein as Chief Economist are both motivated and intent on continuing this success story seamlessly.

In the future, the DZ Research Blog will provide you with

  • the accumulated knowledge of 85 analysts and economists,
  • their diverse ideas and perspectives and thus a more risk-conscious assessment of the situation
  • and the quintessence of about 12,000 contributions per year.

Keep your finger on the pulse with the newsletter, or follow our experts on the DZ BANK Twitter channel and via #dzbank_research. We welcome your comments and remarks and look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Jan Holthusen
Dr. Jan Holthusen
Dr. Michael Holstein
Dr. Michael Holstein